Locksmith Set Up By Woman | C&S Lock & Security

It is the worst being locked out of your property ,and we all know just how dangerous it can be while you’re locked out. One thing that you don’t think about is that it also dangerous for locksmiths to go into the unknown, and help people with their problems at all hours of the day/night. In Texas that was just the case for one locksmith on the job trying to help a “customer” get back into their property. The incident which occurred on Tuesday April 18th, 2017 at 6am, and started when Mariah Gutierrez called a locksmith for help. She informed the locksmith that she needed help getting into her property on the 2500 block of South Presa . Once th e locksmith arrived at the house he found more

Thieves in Norfolk Enter Unlocked Home to Steal Car Keys | C & S Lock & Security

Recently Norfolk Police found themselves involved in pursuit of two men suspected of entering an unlocked home without permission to steal car keys. The two assailants then fled the home with the car keys and stole two of the resident’s vehicles. After following up on what clues were left at the scene of the crime and tracking the suspects for a few days the authorities were able to recover both stolen vehicles and placed the two suspected men under arrest. The suspects are no awaiting sentencing and the stolen vehicles have been returned to their rightful owner. The homeowner in this story is extremely lucky to have recovered his vehicles and that nothing else was stolen from the residence

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