Projections for the Automotive Keyless Remote Industry by 2021 | C & S Lock & Security

According to the Global Automotive Remote Keyless Entry System Market research the Keyless Remote market is projected to grow at 5.92% during the period of 2017 to 2021. The large increase in keyless remote entry market for the automotive industry is directly due to the electronics market which is always expanding and upgrading. The first form of keyless entry technology on the market for automobiles was the now traditional key fob which is equipped with a transmitter that communicates with vehicles through radio frequencies. The traditional key fob’s main function is to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle. Now modern keyless entry systems utilize functions such as remote start and stop on

Celebrity Busy Phillips Gets Locked Out of House After Golden Globes

It was all fun and games at the Golden Globes for actress Busy Philipps but once the party was over her night took a turn for worse. Apparently Phillips did not bring her house keys with her the ceremony and after all the drinking and partying was over she found herself locked out of her own home! The “Cougar Town” alumni kept fans updated during her struggle to gain access into her house via Instagram. According to Philipps posts her husband, Marc Silverstein, their two children, and new kitten were sound asleep and unable to hear Philipps knocking at the front door. The situation went from bad to worse when it started raining. Philipps shared the following comment to her followers; “It’s

Consumer Electronic Show 2017 Showcases Exciting New Home Security Locks | C & S Locksmiths

Home security companies such as Brinks and the like are always trying to come up with new home security products to ensure maximum access control for homeowners. Moreover new home security products showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronic show has a lot of people excited. This year Brinks Home Security has announced their new ARRAY smart lock which offers Wi-Fi compatibility for homeowners. Besides installing the new smart door lock all a homeowner would need is a smart device that connect to the door locking mechanism via the internet. According to Brinks the advantages to the new smart lock is that homeowners would be able to lock and unlock their doors remotely from anywhere in the w

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