Celebrity Locked Out Of House Before Elton John’s Party | C & S Lock & Security

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev recently found herself in quite the dilemma when she locked herself out of her house when she needed to get ready for Elton John’s viewing party for the Oscars. "I was at a meeting and I left the house without my purse. I walked there and walked back and everyone had gone for brunch and I couldn't get back into the house," Dobrev explained to reporters. Dobrev was then forced to sit on the side of the house waiting until a family member happened to come back home. Luckily the actress was rescued from her lock out shortly thereafter when her family returned home from brunch. Furthermore Dobrev was fortunate to still have enough time to slip into her evening g

Doll Mistaken For Baby In Locked Car | C & S Lock & Security

A Keene New Hampshire Police Officer was in for a frightening shock when he responded to what he believed to be a rescue situation of a baby locked and abandoned in a vehicle. As it turns out what was believed to be a baby was merely a lifelike doll. Lieutenant Jason Short says that once he received the distress call he raced to the scene as fast as he could expecting the worst. Short arrived to find the windows closed of the car in question and he immediately spotted the child seat. Short was quoted as saying; “It was draped with a light blanket, and I could see little feet out with the non-soled shoes and a bottle of milk,”. Short then shattered the window with his baton fearing the worst.

Father Locked Out Of House, Ends Up Locked Up

Recently the Waukesha City Police responded to the 300 block of East Laflin Avenue on a report that a father had been locked out of his own home. The call came in just before 4 a.m. and police were dispatched to the scene. Apparently the dad was locked out of his home by his daughter and her boyfriend. According to the official report the father had grown angry and punched a hole in the wall of his own home which prompted the boyfriend to lock him outside. Unfortunately the father, and man of the house, had exited the home on his own free will and out of fear the daughter and boyfriend locked him out. Once police had arrived on the scene it was obvious that the man in question was intoxica

San Francisco Bank Raided By Thief | C & S Lock & Security

Recently San Francisco’s Union Bank was robbed by a thief who went beyond the typical handing of a threatening note to the teller scenario as the robber went straight for the vault. According to San Francisco Police a male suspect entered the bank on the 200 block of Union Street between Montgomery and Calhoun Terrace and proceeded to rob the place in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight. According to police reports the suspect was armed with a handgun and upon entering the bank he demanded cash from a 40 year old bank teller. After threatening the bank’s staff the suspect then jumped over the counter and gained access into the bank vault taking what police are stating as an undiscl

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