Smartphone Hacks That Could Unlock Millions of Cars | C & S Lock & Security

Technology is always evolving and catering to the changing to the needs of man, however the newest vehicular technology trend could end up costing thousands or potentially millions of drivers! Although intended to aide drivers by allowing users to locate, lock, unlock and even remotely activate their cars, new smartphone car apps have now been deemed dangerous by technology experts as easily hackable by car thieves. According to the Russian security firm Kaspersky, most of the car connection apps lack even the most basic software defense systems that would protect drivers and their possessions. Furthermore most of the car connection apps that were analyzed by Kapersky have already been downl

5 Locksmith Tips! C&S Lock & Security

Here at C&S Lock & Security where are all about informing and protecting our customers with the latest news and issues! This week we have an article about 5 Locksmith Tips anyone can use to protect their property from being broken into! Follow these 5 simple tips to help protect your home or business better this year! Dead Bolts Are The Best – Most people don’t understand that most other locks can be compromised but a deadbolt is the most secure type of lock. They must be installed correctly though and many people don’t know how to do this. If you need someone to install your deadbolt correctly call C&S Lock & Security today. Always Replace Locks On New Home – You never know who may have had

WWE Wrestling Star Locks Himself Out Of Car | C & S Lock & Security

Recently the WWE star AJ Styles had himself a bad night. Not only did Styles lose his main event match to Dean Ambrose on the popular show SmackDown but he also locked himself out of his car. A championship match is now set for December between current champion AJ Styles and the challenger Dean Ambrose. However before having a chance to reflect on his loss and the upcoming title match Styles had a bit of car trouble leaving the Prudential Center in Newark after SmackDown. Despite the fact that the WWE is mostly scripted like a soap opera, Styles car troubles were all too real. Instead of directly leaving Newark en route to the airport for an overseas tour Styles found himself locked out of

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