With Holidays Comes Increased Threat Of Home Burglaries | C & S Lock & Security

Many police and sheriff’s departments around the nation are warning homeowners to take proactive steps to protect their homes from burglary this holiday season. An unfortunate outcome of the holidays is that thieves prey on homes banking on high dollar Christmas gifts to steal and empty homes with families on vacation. To best protect your home from burglary it is most recommended to be prepared. Most importantly make sure your home is outfitted with modern door locks that are in working order. You may also want to consider installing a video surveillance system to track activity at your home. Also it is important to keep track of your valuables so that if something is stolen you will be a

Officer Bit By Dog During Automobile Lock Out | C & S Lock & Security

Recently Carver police and fire responded to a residence to help a family who had been locked out of their home. Carver Police Chief Marc Duphily described the incident as follows; “One of my police officers, along with a rep. from the Carver Fire Department went to a house to assist with a lockout — somebody had accidentally locked their keys in their car — and while they were in that situation the family dog came up and bit the officer in the hand,”. The Chief went on to say that the officer that was bitten was taken by an ambulance to get the dog bite checked out. All parties are hopeful that the injury is merely minor. Dunphily also stated that “The dog is in quarantine at this time to

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