Reality Star Kylie Jenner Locked Out Of Car | C & S Locksmiths

After a recent shopping spree at the Maxfield Mall in Los Angeles the reality television star Kylie Jenner found herself locked outside of her luxury automobile. Luckily Kylie did not seem to get too frazzled by the event possibly due to the fact that this is not the first time the socialite has been caught locked out in public. Kylie and her, on again off again, boyfriend Tyga found themselves locked out of Tyga’s Lamborghini on a separate occasion after having dinner out in Los Angeles. Despite being able to make a quick getaway from fans and media alike Kylie made it through both lock-out ordeals. Kylie managed to take the lock out in stride looking lovely as ever in photos standing nex

Burglars In China Find Themselves Caught In The Bathroom | C & S Lock & Security

Recently a burglar in China had to be rescued by firefighters after having become trapped in a toilet vent. Apparently the burglar and his accomplice were in the middle of robbing a fifth floor apartment when the resident come home. Out of panic the bumbling pair of burglars ran into the bathroom of the residence looking for an escape route. One of the burglars was arrested in the bathroom while the other one found himself stuck in a daring attempt to escape. What had occurred is the assailant climbed into a toilet vent which separates the fourth and fifth floor of the building and attempted escape. Before long the burglar was stuck between the two floors in the vent and fire and rescue wa

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