Vehicle Burglaries Serve as Reminder to Lock Your Doors | C & S Lock & Security

The St Mary Parish Sheriff’s department is currently investigating a string of vehicle burglaries in the Franklin, Patterson, and Bayou Vista areas. Now the department is urging residents to lock their doors and report suspicious behavior. The vehicles broken into in the Franklin area showed evidence of forced entry, however the vehicles in all of the other reported areas were deemed crimes of opportunity in which the suspects entered through unlocked doors. Detectives are now currently working multiple leads to try and catch the thieves responsible for the break in’s. Also patrols have been increased in certain areas to curtail future vehicular burglary. The sheriff’s department is additi

Eiffel Tower to get Security Update | C & S Lock & Security

The world famous monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is about to get a small renovation at the base of the tower for security and appearance purposes. Apparently the tower is currently secured by protective metal fences positioned around the entire base of the structure. The fences are designed to keep guests from sneaking into the monument unlawfully and to protect the monument from any vandalism. However over the years many have spoken out against the aesthetics of the security fence. Jean-Francois Martins, deputy mayor in charge of tourism, was quoted as saying that the current metal fences are “…disgraceful. It is useful in term of security, but it ruins the view of the monument.” Mar

High Security and Access Control for Super Bowl LI | C & S Lock & Security

Soon football fans worldwide will be huddled around their living room television sets, and even a select number of lucky fans will be gathering in Houston for the Super Bowl LI game itself! As always the annual North American tradition is expected to grasp the attention of the nation for an entire Sunday and as always security at the hosting stadium will be taking every precaution necessary to allow for optimum security. Most importantly Houston wants the entire city ready with an estimated one million visitors expected over the Super Bowl weekend. Aside from updating local downtown districts and opening up new venues a main focus of the city is security for the Super Bowl. Apparently public

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