Man Locks Himself Out Of Stolen Car | C & S Locksmiths

A Salem car thief recently found himself in a dilemma in which he only had himself to blame. After successfully stealing a car the thief decided to joy ride to the nearby Woodburn Premium Outlet center. Upon arrival the thief, 29 year old Benjamin Howell, realized he locked the keys inside his freshly stolen car! Howell then attempted to once again break in to the vehicle to gain access to the keys, however this time the outlet mall security became suspicious. After security confronted him Howell fled the scene in an attempt to escape custody. Security at the Woodburn Premium Outlet mall then alerted police and the authorities set up a perimeter at the mall. After a search of the premises

Video Surveillance Catches Car Thief In The Act | Tucson Locksmith Experts

Florida crime stoppers are asking the public for help after surveillance in a North Fort Myers Neighborhood caught a man trying to break into one of the residents cars. Shortly after 9 p.m. on the night of the incident the homeowner noticed someone trying to break into his car. The resident caught the entire event on his outdoor security cameras, which captured clear images of the failed break in attempt. With flashlight in hand the unknown suspect looked into two cars to see what was accessible and then tried opening the locked doors, after being unable to gain access to the vehicles the suspect walked away. Trish Routte of Florida Crime Stoppers commented on the incident saying; “Anytime

Prince’s Music Vault Recently Drilled Open | C & S Lock & Security

The unexpected death of the musician Prince left family and friends to pick up the pieces. Aside from not leaving a will the musician reportedly had a vault full of unreleased music that no one besides him knew the code to. The St. Cloud Minnesota company Bremer Trust has been given temporary authority over Prince’s estate and decided to open the vault which only Prince knew the code. Years prior while a guest on the show “The View” Prince spoke about his vault filled with unreleased music. “One day, someone will release them. I don't know that I'll get to release them, there's just so many.” He said. There is so much music in Prince’s vault in fact that his estate could release an album a

Home Webcam Catches Break In And Arrest | C & S Lock & Security

A makeshift home surveillance system in Fairhaven Massachusetts helped in the arrest of two thieves that broke into the house. After the webcam was triggered by the noise of the door being kicked in video was sent to the homeowner’s phone. Homeowner Damien Girard said “Normally it means the pets, or a change in lighting will trigger a zone other than the pets, I wasn't expecting to see someone standing in my living room” After the webcam was triggered Girard was able to watch the break in in real time and called 911 almost immediately. Shortly thereafter Girard was watching a live stream of officers entering his home through the back door in search of the assailants. There is even surveilla

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