Thousands of Locks to be Changed

In Calgary it could take their government as long as six weeks to change over 7,300 locks, on their affordable housing units. The housing units in Calgary all need their locks replaced after someone stole a locksmith’s vehicle in the area. The locksmith vehicle that was stolen was directly connected to the Calgary Housing Company, and also had numerous other tools inside of it. The theft is a big issue for the city because of the massive lock changing that must occur now. The fact that over 7,300 different homes could be at risk of robbery is more than a little unsettling to those homeowners. Sarah Woodgate president of The Calgary Housing Company said ““The equipment taken could allow someo

6 Tips for First Time Drivers | C&S Lock & Security

It is an amazing time in every person’s life the time that you are finally able to drive on your own. You finally have the freedom to drive around, and take friends out to the movies, or whatever you feel like doing. You can now be independent; no longer relying on your parents or others to take you from place to place, but this new independence comes with responsibility. Here are 6 tips that can help keep you and everyone else safe on the road, while starting out driving! Be Observant – It is always important to be vigilant or observant when driving there are so many factors to pay attention to when driving. If you unsure what to look for specifically ask older drivers, and learn from other

New Kensington Bank Vault Door Sells At Auction | C & S Locksmiths

People sell all types of strange and wonderful things on eBay, including a $50,000 bank vault door! The New Kensington bank vault door is a century old and formally of the PNC bank. The vault door has been for sale since New York real estate broker Mike Ionescu bought the landmark PNC building where the vault door was from. Despite weighing 25 tons the bank vault door did end up selling online and is scheduled to be hauled away. Ionescu did not mention the name of the buyer however he did say that they are in South Dakota and found the giant safe door on eBay. The historic bank vault safe door was made by York Safe & Lock and is believed to be dated in the 1920’s or early 1930’s. The vaul

Car Stolen After Owner Leaves Car Running To Warm It Up | C & S Lock & Security

Across the nation daily routines have been changing to adapt to the colder winter weather. One routine that many subscribe to is warming up the car before heading down the road. However as one Manitowoc resident found out, warming up your car by starting it up and leaving it unattended is not a good idea! According to official reports a 27 year old Manitowoc woman left her Dodge Dart unlocked and running and left the keys inside while she quickly ran inside her mother’s house to pick up her children. The idea was to keep the car warm for the ride home, however not everything went according to plan. The car was plenty warm and ready to go but not just for the owner but for thieves as well!

Keyless Entry | C & S Locksmiths

Keyless Entry | C & S Locksmiths Generally speaking a keyless entry system is a locking mechanism many times controlling access to a building or vehicle. Keyless entry systems are electronic locks that often allows access remotely via a remote control key as opposed to a traditional mechanical key. For automobiles a remote control key for the cars keyless entry system is built right into the ignition key so that by the press of a button the key will unlock the car door or doors. Another button on an automobiles keyless entry system is dedicated to locking the car and often times another button will bed dedicated to an alarm system if the car is outfitted with one. Historically the term key

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