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Thousands of Locks to be Changed

In Calgary it could take their government as long as six weeks to change over 7,300 locks, on their affordable housing units. The housing units in Calgary all need their locks replaced after someone stole a locksmith’s vehicle in the area. The locksmith vehicle that was stolen was directly connected to the Calgary Housing Company, and also had numerous other tools inside of it. The theft is a big issue for the city because of the massive lock changing that must occur now. The fact that over 7,300 different homes could be at risk of robbery is more than a little unsettling to those homeowners.

Sarah Woodgate president of The Calgary Housing Company said ““The equipment taken could allow someone to create keys for some CHC units,” The chair of the Calgary Housing Company Alfred Pincott added “If the person who stole this equipment knew how to use it and put the equipment together with the information, there’s a potential they can . . . create keys to access units,” The whole theft as a whole spells disaster for the residents and government alike, they will both have to deal with this problem in the future.

The problem was so severe even the mayor Naheed Nenshi made this statement about the issue ““The No. 1 thing we have to do is make sure that we’re looking after people’s safety. Particularly, some of the tenants are vulnerable, and so we need to make sure we’re all OK there. It’s all hands on deck. Fix this, do the re-keying, make sure we have everyone’s safety in place.” He then added “Once that’s all done, we have to have a big conversation about policy, procedure, process and how we can avoid this sort of thing in the future.” The severity of this issue and the willingness to make sure this does not happen in the future is evident from the mayor’s words.

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