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According to the Police of Greensboro North Carolina the summer vacation months tend to bring an influx in criminal and burglar activities. Although the summer is almost over police are urging residents to make sure their homes are still as secure possible. According to Lt. Don Knott “Burglars look for homes that are easy targets, they want to get in houses or apartments quickly and undetected. By making your home look occupied and taking some security measures, you can reduce your chances of being burglarized.” Police are also urging homeowners to install and use strong door and window locks and to use an alarm system if possible. Additionally police suggest that if you are on vacation to

Burglar Dies In Chimney After Failed Break In Attempt | C & S Locksmiths

A Central California burglar suspect was reported dead after firefighters attempted to rescue the man who was stuck in a homeowner’s chimney. Evidentially the suspected burglar became stuck in the Central California homeowner’s chimney after trying to gain access overnight then when the homeowner went to light a fire the following day he heard a yell coming from inside the chimney. California firefighters responded to the home and attempted to rescue the assailant from inside the smoke filled chimney but were unable to break down the chimney wall down in time to save the man. The Fresno County coroner is scheduled to determine the official cause of death but the common assumption is that suf

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