14 Year Old Elementary Student Busted for Carjacking in Daytona | C & S Lock & Security

When 75 year old grandparent Carol Ziglar arrived at her grandson’s school in Daytona Beach she had no idea she was about to be involved in a strange and brash carjacking by a 14 year old student. According to official reports the 14 year old Ormond Beach Elementary School student, Shyheem Rainge, smacked the car keys out of the hands of the 75 year old Ziglars hands while she was waiting to pick up her grandson. Rainge then picked up the keys from the ground and ran to the parking lot to escape with Ziglars automobile. According to eyewitness reports Rainge was running through the parking lot clicking the key fob in order to find the car to steal. Eventually the key fob activated the alar

Fake Locksmith Scams Celebrity Brigitte Bardot | C & S Lock & Security

Recently the retired French actress and model Brigitte Bardot was scammed by a professional con artist who posed as a locksmith to gain access to Bardot’s Riviera retreat in St Tropez. The con artist posed as a locksmith in order to gain access to Bardot’s home and install hidden cameras so he could film the actress in secret with the hopes of selling the footage to anyone willing. However Bardot caught on to the scam once she discovered a hidden camera and then notified the authorities. Although Bardot was able to clear her home of unwanted cameras intended to spy on her the con man was still at large with illegal footage of Bardot that he intended to sell. After being denied payment for h

Celebrity Jim Parsons Locked Out of His House before the Oscars | C & S Lock & Security

As if preparing for the highly prestigious Oscars ceremony was not stressful enough on its own, imagine being locked out of your own house right as you were trying to prepare for the big night. This unfortunate situation was shockingly all too real for the “Big Bang Theory” and Oscar nominated “Hidden Figures” star Jim Parsons. Parsons arrived at the Oscar ceremonies red carpet believing to be without any care other than whether or not the nominations he was involved with would take home the win. However Parsons carefree, walking on air, Hollywood fairytale like night took a sudden turn when security refused to let him gain access into the theatre. Apparently all Oscar ceremony attendees mu

Bumbling Burglars Cannot Get Getaway Car to Start | C & S Lock & Security

Recently a residential break-in in Southern California ended in the burglars abandoning their stolen loot after the getaway car would not start! According to official reports a vacant home near the 400 block of Noren Street had been targeted by thieves and was broke into through a side window. The home had been furnished with “home-staging” furnishings as many homes that are intended for sale are. The suspects believed that they had found the perfect home to rob and carried on with the heist. The suspects loaded up their SUV with the stolen goods and everything seemed like it was going to work out for the bad guys until their car would not start. By this time all the commotion had caught

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