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Fake Locksmith Scams Celebrity Brigitte Bardot | C & S Lock & Security

Recently the retired French actress and model Brigitte Bardot was scammed by a professional con artist who posed as a locksmith to gain access to Bardot’s Riviera retreat in St Tropez.

The con artist posed as a locksmith in order to gain access to Bardot’s home and install hidden cameras so he could film the actress in secret with the hopes of selling the footage to anyone willing.

However Bardot caught on to the scam once she discovered a hidden camera and then notified the authorities. Although Bardot was able to clear her home of unwanted cameras intended to spy on her the con man was still at large with illegal footage of Bardot that he intended to sell.

After being denied payment for his illegal images by numerous French newspapers and magazines the con man then travelled around France pretending to be Ms Bardot’s son with rare footage of Ms Bardot for sale.

After slipping through the authorities hands a couple of times, the con artist responsible for posing as a locksmith and setting up illegal cameras in Brigitte Bardot’s home was finally apprehended by police after he was discovered checking into an Airbnb.

Luckily the bad guys ended up losing in this story but in order to prevent finding yourself in a scam make sure that any locksmith that you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured like Tucson’s own C & S Lock & Security!

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