Deadbolt Installation | C & S Lock & Security

Here at C&S Lock & Security we are all about protecting our customers, and their property that is why we have created this article with detailed instructions about how to properly do a Deadbolt Installation. Follow these simple easy steps to make sure that you correctly install your deadbolt on your property. A Deadbolt is the cheapest and safest defenses from unwanted intruders you can install, but only if you install it correctly. Use the Provided Template – It’s always a good idea before you drill into your doorframe that you use the template provided to create guidelines. The deadbolt should be at least above 6” above your doorknob for the best security. Cut a Deadbolt Hole – Using your

Fixing Defective Locks | C & S Lock & Security

Here at C&S Lock & Security we are all about protecting our customers property that is why we have created a list of ways of Fixing Defective Locks. Use these ways to make sure that you never get stuck in a jam with your locks when you least suspect it! If you already have lock problems for your home or business, or just have some lock or security related questions give us a call today! My Key Is Stuck – Lubricate the locks regularly and make sure moving pieces are moving without friction. If your key is already stuck be careful removing it not to bend it or break it. Try lubricating and pulling straight out and not bending. If you cannot safely remove the key call a professional like C&S Lo

Locksmith Intimidation Scam Hits the Midwest | Tucson Locksmiths

Recently North Carolina news reports warned Midwesterners and the Nation about the Locksmith impersonation scam which has been plaguing the state. The scam involves someone who impersonates a professional locksmith often times using the name of a reputable company unbeknownst to the actual company or the costumer. According to the better business bureau the scam involves a costumer being quoted an extremely low price for a locksmith service over the phone and then once the locksmith procedure is completed the scammer charges a skyrocketed price. Additionally the BBB says that if the costumer does not pay the scammer will threaten them until the victim ends up having to pay. In a statement f

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