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With the dawn of the computer age has come the dawn of the computer related scam and one common bait and switch that is occurring more and more in America is targeted toward those in need of a locksmith and even professional locksmiths themselves. The epidemic that is occurring usually plays out as follows; someone is in desperate need of a locksmith and searches the internet for a nearby or reputable locksmith, however on occasion the consumer will find themselves on a locksmith lead generation website often times relating to 24 hours a day service. What they don’t know is that often times these websites are often breeding grounds for fly-by-nights and con artists impersonating a trusted c

Business or Home Security Tips

Here at C&S Lock & Security we are committed to helping you better protect your property. That is why we have outlined these tips to better protect your business or home! Following these 5 easy tips to make sure you have your property as secure as possible. Always remember if you live in the Tucson area Contact C&S Lock & Security for all your locksmith needs! Know Your Local Police Department – If you have been already dealing with crime make sure to contact your local police department and let them know the situation you are in. Even if you have don’t had pervious crime it’s not a bad idea to contact your local police department and get to know them. Just make sure that you call the correc

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