Winter Driving Tips | C & S Lock & Security

During the winter months roads tend to be more crowded and at times icy. Therefore drivers must be alert at all times and extra cautious during winter storms. To best stay safe and avoid accidents this winter one should accelerate and decelerate much slower than one would normally and generally drive slower. Also when driving one should stay an extra eight to ten seconds behind any car that is in front of them. When driving up a hill that might have ice built up make sure not to accelerate too fast in the middle of the climb and make sure not to stop mid-climb either. The best method for driving up an icy hill would be to approach the hill at a steady pace which you maintain until the top

Government Wants Phone Makers To Lock Out Most Apps When Driving | C & S Lock & Security

The federal government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when a phone is being used by someone driving a car. The guidelines are designed to reduce crashes caused by distracted driving related to phone use. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also wants automakers to manufacture new cars with safety features that pair with modern smartphones. Some of the proposed safety regulations would include cars and smartphones that pair up to one infotainment system on the dash of the vehicle. The phone app lock outs would include prohibiting video not related to driving, certain graphical or photographic images, and automatically scrolling text. Also manual text entry wou

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