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Government Wants Phone Makers To Lock Out Most Apps When Driving | C & S Lock & Security

The federal government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when a phone is being used by someone driving a car. The guidelines are designed to reduce crashes caused by distracted driving related to phone use. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also wants automakers to manufacture new cars with safety features that pair with modern smartphones.

Some of the proposed safety regulations would include cars and smartphones that pair up to one infotainment system on the dash of the vehicle. The phone app lock outs would include prohibiting video not related to driving, certain graphical or photographic images, and automatically scrolling text.

Also manual text entry would be intended to be locked out, as well as internet browsing, social media content, and more.

According to sources the mandate would still allow drivers to make phone calls but would certainly not allow for texting or internet browsing. Navigation systems would still be permitted and are not on the list of potential app lock outs in the future.

According to government statistics 10 percent of fatal crashes from last year involved distracted drivers. Statistics like tease is why the government would like to mandate a phone app lock out while driving in the near future.

Although a phone lock out system would be helpful to ensure safety on the road it is ultimately up to drivers themselves to make sure they are focused on the road ahead. If you need any further safety or security tips for you and your car make sure to contact a local security expert, if located in Tucson contact the vehicle security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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