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Bumbling Burglars Cannot Get Getaway Car to Start | C & S Lock & Security

Recently a residential break-in in Southern California ended in the burglars abandoning their stolen loot after the getaway car would not start!

According to official reports a vacant home near the 400 block of Noren Street had been targeted by thieves and was broke into through a side window. The home had been furnished with “home-staging” furnishings as many homes that are intended for sale are. The suspects believed that they had found the perfect home to rob and carried on with the heist.

The suspects loaded up their SUV with the stolen goods and everything seemed like it was going to work out for the bad guys until their car would not start. By this time all the commotion had caught the attention of a few neighbors and the authorities were notified.

Before fleeing the scene the suspects continued by pushing the SUV filled with stolen items out of the driveway where they eventually abandoned the car and all the stolen goods in front of a fire hydrant on the street.

When the authorities arrived the police found a table, rug, paintings, chairs, an ottoman, bookends, toys, candy, potted plants, couch cushions, and trays all stuffed into the car. All of these stolen good were returned to their rightful owner and authorities and the community are now seeking justice for the suspects involved in the heist.

Equipping your home with the latest door lock and access control security systems is always a good idea to keep you and your loved ones protected from thieves. If you have any questions about security or access control for your home or office make sure to contact a licensed, bonded, and insured security professional in your area; if located in Tucson contact the professionals at C & S Lock & Security!

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