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14 Year Old Elementary Student Busted for Carjacking in Daytona | C & S Lock & Security

When 75 year old grandparent Carol Ziglar arrived at her grandson’s school in Daytona Beach she had no idea she was about to be involved in a strange and brash carjacking by a 14 year old student.

According to official reports the 14 year old Ormond Beach Elementary School student, Shyheem Rainge, smacked the car keys out of the hands of the 75 year old Ziglars hands while she was waiting to pick up her grandson. Rainge then picked up the keys from the ground and ran to the parking lot to escape with Ziglars automobile.

According to eyewitness reports Rainge was running through the parking lot clicking the key fob in order to find the car to steal. Eventually the key fob activated the alarm system on Ziglars car and Rainge entered the vehicle and took off on the run.

Rainge managed to evade police for just about an hour until a sheriff’s helicopter spotted the stolen vehicle in Daytona Beach. Rainge was eventually apprehended by police and was charged with felony robbery.

Ziglar commented on Rainge and the incident stating; "He will probably be mad because I told the police I wanted him punished but I want him to learn a lesson.”, and that “I'm going to have to be more careful now."

There seems to be no limit to how daring criminals will be at times so it is always important to be always be as cautious as possible and to make sure your belongings are accounted for. For more security information contact Tucson’s most trusted security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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