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Celebrity Jim Parsons Locked Out of His House before the Oscars | C & S Lock & Security

As if preparing for the highly prestigious Oscars ceremony was not stressful enough on its own, imagine being locked out of your own house right as you were trying to prepare for the big night.

This unfortunate situation was shockingly all too real for the “Big Bang Theory” and Oscar nominated “Hidden Figures” star Jim Parsons.

Parsons arrived at the Oscar ceremonies red carpet believing to be without any care other than whether or not the nominations he was involved with would take home the win. However Parsons carefree, walking on air, Hollywood fairytale like night took a sudden turn when security refused to let him gain access into the theatre.

Apparently all Oscar ceremony attendees must provide government issued identification to be allowed into the event, and regretfully Parsons had left his identification at home.

Despite the fact that Jim Parsons is somewhat of a household name and face when it comes to security exceptions cannot be made. To make matters worse Parsons had also locked himself out of his own house with his identification waiting inside.

For an hour and a half Parsons had neither access to the Oscars ceremony, which he was invited to, or access to his house which he owned!

Luckily for Parsons a few friends of his saved the day and used a spare key to gain access to Parson’s house, retrieve his identification, and get him into the Oscars!

Regardless of whether you are an A list celebrity or an average Joe, anyone can find themselves locked out of their home so make sure to have a spare key somewhere handy yet secure, and the contact info of a professional locksmith. If located in the Tucson area contact the lock out and locksmith professionals at C & S Lock & Security!

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