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Vehicle Burglaries Serve as Reminder to Lock Your Doors | C & S Lock & Security

The St Mary Parish Sheriff’s department is currently investigating a string of vehicle burglaries in the Franklin, Patterson, and Bayou Vista areas. Now the department is urging residents to lock their doors and report suspicious behavior.

The vehicles broken into in the Franklin area showed evidence of forced entry, however the vehicles in all of the other reported areas were deemed crimes of opportunity in which the suspects entered through unlocked doors.

Detectives are now currently working multiple leads to try and catch the thieves responsible for the break in’s. Also patrols have been increased in certain areas to curtail future vehicular burglary.

The sheriff’s department is additionally reminding residents that the first line of defense is the residents themselves. Taking preventative security measures such as always locking your car doors can go a long way to preventing theft. Also making sure to keep any valuables out of sight is important to theft prevention.

Moreover make sure to remove any spare keys from your vehicle, keep all windows shut, doors locked, and valuables stored out of sight or not left in the car at all. Lastly make sure to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

If you have any theft prevention or security questions make sure to contact an automobile security expert in your area. If located in the Tucson area contact the automobile security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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