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Burglars In China Find Themselves Caught In The Bathroom | C & S Lock & Security

Recently a burglar in China had to be rescued by firefighters after having become trapped in a toilet vent.

Apparently the burglar and his accomplice were in the middle of robbing a fifth floor apartment when the resident come home. Out of panic the bumbling pair of burglars ran into the bathroom of the residence looking for an escape route.

One of the burglars was arrested in the bathroom while the other one found himself stuck in a daring attempt to escape. What had occurred is the assailant climbed into a toilet vent which separates the fourth and fifth floor of the building and attempted escape.

Before long the burglar was stuck between the two floors in the vent and fire and rescue was called in to remove the man from the vent.

Apparently firefighters were forced to use sledgehammers and axes to gain access to the assailant. Once the man was pulled free he was placed under arrest.

It never ceases to amaze the lengths people will go to burgle and this story serves as a reminder to always be cautious and to keep your home and possessions locked and secure. If your home is in need of a security update make sure to contact a local lock and security expert. If located in Tucson Arizona contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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