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Smartphone Hacks That Could Unlock Millions of Cars | C & S Lock & Security

Technology is always evolving and catering to the changing to the needs of man, however the newest vehicular technology trend could end up costing thousands or potentially millions of drivers!

Although intended to aide drivers by allowing users to locate, lock, unlock and even remotely activate their cars, new smartphone car apps have now been deemed dangerous by technology experts as easily hackable by car thieves.

According to the Russian security firm Kaspersky, most of the car connection apps lack even the most basic software defense systems that would protect drivers and their possessions. Furthermore most of the car connection apps that were analyzed by Kapersky have already been downloaded hundreds of thousands or over a million times, meaning that there is a serious risk of car theft for thousands or even millions of drivers who have downloaded the app.

Apparently hackers are targeting android users who have downloaded one of the easily hackable car connection apps. Then the hacker will attempt to illegally gain access to a car by rooting the target phone or tricking a user into installing malicious code onto their phone.

Any way you look at it the new car connection apps have not been received favorably by users or technology experts. The only ones that seem to be gaining from the new car connection apps are hacking car thieves. It is possible that one day car connection software will be developed that is deemed un-hackable and safe for drivers, however until then all car connection apps have been deemed susceptible to hacks and are not recommended for any driver!

For more car security and safety information make sure to check out the C & S Lock & Security blog or stop by C & S Lock & Security on Prince Road in Tucson, Arizona!

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