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WWE Wrestling Star Locks Himself Out Of Car | C & S Lock & Security

Recently the WWE star AJ Styles had himself a bad night. Not only did Styles lose his main event match to Dean Ambrose on the popular show SmackDown but he also locked himself out of his car.

A championship match is now set for December between current champion AJ Styles and the challenger Dean Ambrose. However before having a chance to reflect on his loss and the upcoming title match Styles had a bit of car trouble leaving the Prudential Center in Newark after SmackDown.

Despite the fact that the WWE is mostly scripted like a soap opera, Styles car troubles were all too real. Instead of directly leaving Newark en route to the airport for an overseas tour Styles found himself locked out of his rental car. With the clock ticking away in order to make his flight Styles grew desperate and attempted to gain access to the vehicle with a coat hanger. However Styles was unsuccessful in his attempt and luckily did not cause much of a further issue.

Eventually the Prudential Center security came to the rescue and with a large crowd of fans watching and recording video the real life drama of regaining access to the rental car unfolded. A security officer even pointed out that the damage caused by the coat hanger might have to be paid for. However as time passed the security officer was able to unlock the car and send Styles on his way.

If you have ever been locked out of your car you know how frustrating it can be however before jumping to conclusions and reaching for the coat hanger which might end up causing damage it is better to leave it to a professional locksmith. If located in Tucson contact the automobile lock out experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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