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Thieves in Norfolk Enter Unlocked Home to Steal Car Keys | C & S Lock & Security

Recently Norfolk Police found themselves involved in pursuit of two men suspected of entering an unlocked home without permission to steal car keys. The two assailants then fled the home with the car keys and stole two of the resident’s vehicles.

After following up on what clues were left at the scene of the crime and tracking the suspects for a few days the authorities were able to recover both stolen vehicles and placed the two suspected men under arrest. The suspects are no awaiting sentencing and the stolen vehicles have been returned to their rightful owner.

The homeowner in this story is extremely lucky to have recovered his vehicles and that nothing else was stolen from the residence. Police are urging homeowners and residents to always lock their homes and their cars to help curtail theft.

C & S Lock & Security would also like to use this story as a reminder to all homeowners and residents to not only make sure you maintain access control at your residence but to make sure that your home or automobiles security measure are up to date. If you are concerned that the security at your home, office, or in your vehicle make sure to contact the authority in Access Control and Security at C & S Lock & Security. If located in the Tucson area stop by our store at 950 W Prince Road, or call us at (520) 888- 6890!

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