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4 Tips to Stop Shoplifters | C & S Lock & Security

Here at C & S Lock & Security we are all about protecting our customers that is why we have complied a list of 4 Tips to help stop shoplifters. These 4 Tips will help better protect your business from would be shop lifters in the future! Follow these 4 simple tips to better secure your business today!

  1. Know the Signs – Educate your staff and yourself on some key signs that a person might be shoplifting. Some of the signs are as follows: Avoiding eye contact, leaving and coming into the store repeatedly without buying anything, wearing bulky clothing, entering with a large group, and spend a lot of time looking at employees or cashiers.

  2. Have your employees acknowledge them – Always have your employees greet customers by having them say they are always nearby if they need help. This will not only better secure your store it will improve the service your giving your customers.

  3. Keep your Store Clean – Having a dirty store with materials everywhere can be much harder to secure. If you have all of your stuff cataloged and in its correct position it is much easier to keep track of items that could be stolen.

  4. Use in-store Analytics Tools – Get video surveillance tools in your work so you can monitor your merchandise and keep track of all store activity. It will also give you ideas which areas of your store experience the most traffic and which areas you should better protect.

If you have any more questions contact a trusted locksmith like C & S Lock & Security. If you have more questions about how you can better secure your home, or have general Lock & Security questions contact C & S Lock & Security today! Let one of our dedicated team members come out, and assist you with better protecting your home or business. See why so many in the greater Tucson area choose C & S Lock & Security when they want fast reliable lock and security services.

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