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Warmer Weather Brings Rise In Crime Police Warn | C & S Lock & Security

With the changing of the season to warmer climate brings a surge in crime and Sheriff’s deputies are urging residents to be cautious.

“A locked door keeps an honest man, honest," according to Detective Steven Sommers.

Sommers says that warm weather brings about more crime so he is urging residents to be extra cautious. Residents should also be checking the locks on all their doors to make sure they are in working order.

The police would like to remind residents that anyone can be a victim of burglary even in quiet neighborhoods.

An anonymous resident of Monterey Hill in Mercer County recalls a burglary incident in broad daylight that happened in her nice quiet neighborhood.

"We didn't know what he did at the time, and then about a minute later he came running up through our property, so I went around to follow him around the house to see what he was doing," claims the woman.

Shortly after she called the authorities, “While I was on the phone with them a car backed up in the corner like they were going to retrieve the bags, and I guess they realized I was on the phone with the cops and they sped off."

Detective Sommers offered some advice on the subject as well; "The days of keeping your doors unlocked in your vehicles, your houses, and your out-building are over, just lock everything,".

Keeping your doors locked is always a good idea regardless of the season but the warmer months do bring a spike in crime so make sure to be extra cautious. If you are in need of an update on your locks make sure to contact a licensed and bonded locksmith. If located in Tucson contact the licensed, bonded, and insured lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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