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Dallas Safe To Be Unsealed After Decades | C & S Lock & Security

After decades of mystery a historic theatre in Dallas is about to crack open a safe that has fascinated moviegoers for ages.

The Texas Theatre is celebrating their 85th year of business and is planning to open the safe after playing the same movie they did on opening night back in 1931. The two chambers of the safe that will be cracked open by a professional locksmith have sat closed for decades.

The manager of the Texas Theatre, Mary Katherine McElroy, is anxious to see what’s inside stating “Somebody used to have access and now we don’t anymore. You want to go, what’s in there?”

Although the main door of the safe was busted open many years ago the inner chamber holds two separate vaults that have combinations which have been long lost.

The theatre has change hand multiple times over the years so no one knows the last time the safe was open or what might be inside.

In regards to the safe McElroy jokingly said “It’s just sitting there, flaunting the fact that you can’t get into it,”

Now after long delay a locksmith will be unsealing the mystery the night of the big 85th anniversary party.

Some speculate that there are lost movie treaures or riches that might help renovate the historic movie house.

Regardless of what is found inside the safe, if anything, one long time moviegoer, David Dunnigan, know that “Drama…” will be in there saying “…That’s what theater is all about,”.

If you have any mysteries hidden behind locked doors or in old safes make sure to contact a trusted licensed and bonded locksmith to help gain access and unveil the mystery. If located in Tucson contact the licensed and bonded lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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