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Australian Woman Locked Out Of Home Falls Through Roof | C & S Lock & Security

Recently an Australian woman found herself stuck in the roof of her home after being locked out and attempting to gain access through the roof.

To make matters worse the entire ordeal was filmed by the lock out victim’s sister and is now making its rounds on social media. Instead of helping her sister attempt to gain access to the home or helping to rescue her once the resident fell through the roof all the sister could do was laugh and continue filming.

The resident named Sam can even be heard in the video predicting that the outcome of climbing onto the roof to gain access to her home would be futile stating it’s a “bit high, I might fall”.

In the now viral video Sam can be seen scaling the small balcony on her home and climbing onto the roof and eventually falling in! In her access attempt Sam broke several roof tiles and gave herself quite the scare. At first all the woman can do is laugh at herself along with her sister, however the laugher soon turned to tears as the crash landing became increasingly more painful as time went on.

While it looks like the resident was simultaneously laughing and crying she can be seen pleading with her sister for help out of the unfortunate situation. Eventually the sister stops laughing at her sisters misfortune and reaches out a hand to help.

This entire crash landing through the roof ordeal could have easily been avoided if the woman would have just called a trusted local locksmith. If you find yourself in a lock out situation make sure to contact a local professional locksmith, if located in Tucson contact the experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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