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Ancient Safe Inside State House Recently Opened | C & S Locksmiths

Until recently nobody remaining at the Massachusetts treasurer’s office knew the combinations to the locks or even knew what was inside the state house safe. In the heart of the state house resides an ancient ornate vault past two massive steel doors with timed locks.

According to longtime staff members in the Treasury Office, where the vault is located, the safe has been locked for at least two decades as the codes to open it has been lost in time as employees came and went.

However as of recent curiosity finally led to the opening of the safe. State Treasurer Steven Grossman commissioned two professional safecrackers to open it. The lock and security experts snaked a fiber optic scope into drilled holes of the safe to decipher the wheel alignment to release the heavy safe door.

The unveiling was a thrill for all parties involved and did in fact yield some surprise. Once opened the ancient safe was found to contain relics of the past. Official reports call the findings “costume jewelry” but if the relics could talk their history would be richer than gold.

Moreover the findings included a bronze cross necklace and a Masonic ring among the other jewelry items. I guess you just never know what you are going to find when you look into the past like with this ancient safe lost in time.

Do you have an old safe sitting around that you inherited or forgot the combination to? We recommend contacting a lock and security expert to aide in opening or changing the combination on your safe or strongbox. If located in the Tucson area trust the experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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