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Security Locks | C & S Locksmiths

Security Locks | C & S Locksmiths

To state briefly a lock is a mechanical fastening device that grants access through the release of a physical object such as a key, security keycard, or security combination. Locks are important for security and access control measures in modern homes and businesses.

In history the earliest known lock and key device was discovered at the ruins of Nineveh which was the capital of Assyria. Out of these first locks came the development of the Egyptian wooden pin lock which consists of a bolt, a door fixture, and a key.

Once the industrial revolution came around security lock and keys were manufactured with much more complexity and sophistication in order to keep up with modern security demands. Today there are many different types of security locks ranging from warded locks, pin tumbler locks, wafer tumbler locks, and much more.

In order to maintain the highest level of security with a lock and key system a locksmith is often required to assist in maintenance and expertise of security locks. If you are unsure of the type of security lock that you need at your home or business the services of a local locksmith is recommended.

Make sure to verify the lock you are using is capable of the level of access control that you desire. To verify the level of security a security lock offers we suggest contacting a lock and key expert such as a locksmith. If located in the Tucson area make sure to contact C & S Lock and Security the Tucson experts in security locks.

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