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Star Quarterback Tom Brady Has Trouble Gaining Access to His Own Home | C & S Lock & Securit

Recently a viral video has surfaced starring NFL quarterback and New England Patriots fan favorite Tom Brady in which he is explaining how hard it is to get into his own home!

The video depicts Brady standing in front of his locked front door attempting to gain access with a key code that he has apparently forgotten. As the video progresses Brady punches in three or four different codes to his security system and none of them seem to work! One can only hope that Giselle is not inside preventing Brady from coming in for some reason or another. Patriots fans worldwide would hate to see Brady in the doghouse!

As the video continues to progress it becomes clear that Brady is poking some fun at himself and that his residential lock out is just a prank for the enjoyment of his social media followers.

For anyone who has been seriously locked out of their home can tell you however that not having access to one’s own home is anything but a laughing matter.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your home make sure to contact a trusted locksmith to eradicate the issue so that you can get back into your home ant on with your life. If located in the Tucson area contact the licensed, bonded, and insured access control and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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