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Suspect That Steals Police Cruiser Ends Up Being Shot | C & S Lock & Security

A Cherokee County Georgia suspect was shot at the end of a police chase that was started after he had stolen a Bartow County Sherriff’s cruiser. The suspect has been identified as 32 year old resident of Mississippi Lorenzo Taylor.

The car chase ended when Cobb County police rammed Taylor and his stolen patrol car along Georgia Highway 92 in Cherokee County. Taylor then had to be shot in an attempt to subdue the suspect, however officers had to use the additional force of a stun gun to keep him under control.

The car chase lasted approximately an hour and ended near the highway 92 and Dixie Drive intersection. The chase resulted in the damaging of several law enforcement vehicles. Apparently Taylor attempted to hit officers with the stolen vehicle before officers were finally able to subdue the assailant.

The chase resulted in a heavy police presence before the suspect was shot, subdued, and placed in custody. Authorities report that there were no significant injuries sustained to law enforcement officers.

Reportedly Taylor has been identified as a suspect in a string of break-ins in the Acworth area. Crime obviously does not pay as seen here. Some criminals will go to great lengths to gain access to what they want, apparently even going so far as to steal a police cruiser! To help protect yourself and your belongings make sure to always keep your car locked and windows rolled up. If you need assistance on securing your vehicle make sure to contact a local lock and security expert. If located in Tucson contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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