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The Importance of Keeping Your Car Doors Locked In The Summer

The Importance of Keeping Your Car Doors Locked In The Summer

According to Detective with the Casper Police Department John Hatcher it is imperative to keep your vehicle locked for safety during the summer months. Moreover it is always important to keep your car locks and security up to date but the dog days of the summer months bring the highest reports of motor vehicle theft.

One explanation claims that the days of summer make us become less vigilant about closing car windows and locking car doors making our cars and belongings in them more vulnerable to thieves. If your car looks unsecured it might be attracting thieves to break in so it is important to keep your car up to date with functioning car locks, often times including transponder keys and remote controls.

Moreover, about 50% of all stolen cars are reported unlocked thus stressing the importance of maintaing a functioning lock on your car and using it even when running a short errand. A few other safety tips besides keeping your car locked are; never leave the car windows open, never leave the car running, never leave the keys in the car, never leave the car in a dimly lit area, if you have a convertible never leave the top down, and in case you have important personal belongings do not leave them in your car unattended!

Although it is always important to be mindful of the lock on your car the summer months do seem to bring about the most car related crime. Thus, in the case that you have been putting off updating your car keys or locks makes sure you visit a local expert before it is too late!

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