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Locksmith Tips That Could Save You | C & S Lock & Security

Here at C&S Lock & Security where are all about informing and protecting our customers with the latest news and issues! This week we have an article about Locksmith Tips That Could Save You and your family from being victims of a robbery! Follow these simple tips from the professionals at C&S Locksmith to make sure that you are protected from unwanted thieves breaking into your property!

  1. Lock Your Doors – This may sound stupid but it can be as simple as not locking your doors one night that cost you thousands. So, if you forget often or have a family or coworkers that do create a routine for locking the doors so they never are not locked!

  2. The Police Take Time – As scary as that sounds even if you have an intruder in your home the police take time to arrive at the scene. You need to be prepared to protect yourself and your family in all situations so plan accordingly.

  3. Cover Your Windows – Make sure that you cover your windows not only does this help with heating, and cooling cost it will stop thieves from peering into your home at your valuables.

  4. Buy a Camera – Cameras are a great addition to any property they can help with countless situations. If you can afford one a camera is an amazing tool that will give you piece of mind when securing your home.

  5. Update Locks – make sure only the people you want have your locks updated and changed. Installing deadbolts is also a great idea to secure your property.

  6. Create a Safety Routine – This is essential to good safety especially if you or someone you work with or live with is prone to leaving your property vulnerable. Create a checklist or routine for safety of your property that each person must complete before they leave.

  7. Lighting is Essential – Lighting matter if your home is dimly lit it may leave you more likely to be robbed. Install motion lights to better protect your property and eliminate these blind spots.

  8. Know Your Local Police Department – If you have been already dealing with crime make sure to contact your local police department and let them know the situation you are in. Even if you have don’t had previous crime it’s not a bad idea to contact your local police department and get to know them. Just make sure that you call the correct lines that are not emergency if you’re not dealing with an emergency.

  9. The Best Locks are Deadbolts – A good dead bolt has about an inch of throw along the security plate which makes it very secure. Make sure you have your deadbolts properly installed many contractors don’t install the deadbolts correctly making them much less efficient.

  10. Use Window Locks – Windows can be a weak point of security in any home so using window locks make you much less susceptible to break-ins!

If you have any more questions, contact a trusted locksmith like C & S Lock & Security today! If you have more questions about how you can better secure your home or have business contact C & S Lock & Security today! Let one of our dedicated team members come out and assist you with better protecting your home or business. See why so many in the greater Tucson area choose C & S Lock & Security when they want fast reliable lock and security services.

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