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Stolen Car Found On Craigslist | C & S Lock & Security

Stolen Car Found On Craigslist | C & S Lock & Security

A man in North Country Missouri had his prized car stolen and believed it to be gone forever, however now the car has turned up and from the unlikely source of craigslist.

After having lost his car to theft the victim placed a stolen car ad on craigslist in a desperate act to see if anyone could help.

The stolen car in question is a 1987 Buick Regal that was reported to be in great shape an allegedly “souped up” and fully restored.

The ad posted included all of the cars specifications and offered a reward, days later a response came back. “This guy was like, ‘I saw your car. I know what it’s like to have something stolen. You worked hard for what you got. I wanted to make sure you got it back. I saw it down there. I wanted to make sure I told you,’” Reported the father in law of the victim.

Apparently the car turned up at a vacant tire service lot and was missing both its hood and its wheels however the family was happy to get the car back regardless.

To sum up the incident the father in law had the following to report; “They took the hood and wheels off of it, they took his battery, popped his lock out of the back; even took the baby seat! They took my grandson’s baby seat, I’d really like to meet that guy (who spotted the car) and shake his hand because he could have just as easily looked that other way and not even bothered. But he went out of his way and that’s good. It gives me a little hope for humanity you know,”

It is nice to know there are still honest citizens out there, however to protect your vehicle we suggest always keeping your car windows up and doors locked to avoid a similar stolen car headache. If your car is in need of a lock maintenance or a new set of secure keys make sure to contact local locksmith. If located in Tucson Arizona contact the car and automobile lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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