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Love Locks Removed From The Pont des Arts Bridge In Paris | C & S Locksmiths

After years of tradition the city of Paris has decided to do away with the love lock tradition at the Pont des Arts Bridge. To help prevent anymore lock and key love traditions at the bridge the city of Paris started removing all the padlocks on the bridge effectively ending the tourist tradition.

For many years the Pont des Arts Bridge has been a top tourist attraction in Paris, especially for couples. The tradition essentially consists of one couple, one lock and one key. To carry out the love lock tradition properly the couple is to lock their lock to the side of the bridge symbolically locking the couples love for one another strongly, then the key is to be thrown in the Seine River below symbolically stating that the couple wishes not to unlock their bond of love.

Quite the charming and romantic tradition at first however as the years went on the love lock tradition seemed to get out of hand with reports stating that at the bridge carried more than 700,000 locks with an combined estimated weight parallel to that of 20 elephants!

Despite the romanticized premise to the love lock tradition the city of Paris simply views it as vandalism at this point. Outside of the Pont des Arts Bridge Paris officials believe there are still more than one million locks on at least 11 bridges and other landmarks, including the Eiffel tower!

Sounds like the city of Paris could benefit from hiring a master locksmith to help unlock the many locks with lost keys! If you lost your key or are having trouble with locks at your home or business you too should consult a trusted professional locksmith. If located in Tucson Arizona contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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