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A Guide To Rekeying | C & S Locksmiths

A Guide To Rekeying | C & S Locksmiths

Quite often homeowners, apartment renters, and business owners find the need to re-key the doors to their home or office. Rekeying is many times carried out as a precautionary measure when a lock owner is concerned that unauthorized persons might have access to keys to the lock; for example a previous homeowner, previous renter, or an old employee.

Generally speaking rekeying is the changing of a lock so that a different key may grant access. The lock is altered by a professional locksmith in a process that will only allow new keys to work. To rekey a locksmith will change the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock eliminating functionality of old keys and allowing access control only to a newly configured set of keys.

Rekeying does not require replacement of doors and often times does not require entire lock replacement however the aide a trained expert such as a handyman or locksmith is most recommended. In fact the back in 1836 the process of rekeying was invented by an expert locksmith by the name of Solomon Andrews in New Jersey. Years later in the 1850s another important rekeying moment of history occurred when Andrews and his inventor friend Newell patented removable tumblers.

If you have some history to make of your own on some outdated lock and keys at your home, apartment or business we recommend contacting a professional locksmith. If located in the Tucson area contact the Re-key experts at C & S Lock and Security!

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