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4 Home Security Tips | Tucson Locksmiths

  1. Don’t make it obvious to thieves that you’re not home – This is one of the easiest ways to have your home or business robbed. Often would be thieves will listen to doors or windows for signs of activity so sometimes something as simple as leaving a TV or radio on might deter thieves.

  2. Install a Home Alarm System – Many thieves that break into homes or businesses will only try and break into properties that are not secured with an alarm system. So, installing one is a great way to deter criminal activity.

  3. Secure All Entry Points – Make sure that all windows are fixed doors repaired and anything else that can allow access to unwanted persons onto your property.

  4. Always lock doors and windows – This may sound oblivious and simple but this is the most common way thieves break in. If you are a person that is prone to leaving the doors unlocked make a system and follow it strictly.

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