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Would Be Car Thief Falls Asleep In BMW | C & S Lock & Security

According to Seattle police reports a would be car thief was found asleep and locked inside a stolen BMW. The BMW automobile manufacturer was able to shut down the vehicle and lock the doors remotely leaving the thief trapped inside for the police.

Apparently the car thief was prowling for cars to steal in Seattle’s University District when he came upon an unlocked BMW 550i in a parking garage. The thief then found a key fob for the 550i which was accidentally left inside the vehicle. The suspect then drove off thinking he had pulled off the perfect heist.

Just before 5 AM however the vehicles owner discovered that the car was missing and contacted the local authorities. Officers then contacted the BMW Company and had the car tracked to a nearby neighborhood. Officers were then dispatched to apprehend the thief and stolen vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene officers noted that the suspect had fallen asleep inside the stolen car and was locked inside. After officers woke the suspect he attempted a halfhearted escape attempt before being arrested.

Although the police were able to apprehend the suspect in this car theft it is important to note that if all the doors were kept locked and the key fob was not left inside the car, than it would have likely never been stolen in the first place.

To help ensure that you and your vehicle are as secure as possible make sure to contact a local vehicle security expert in your area, if located in Tucson contact the automobile lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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