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String Of Burglaries In DePue Act As Reminder To Lock Car Doors | C & S Lock & Security

DePue Illinois Police say that they won’t go as far as to call a recent number of burglaries a “rash” but many residents would say otherwise.

At any rate the recent automobile burglaries serve at the very least as a reminder to keep all your car doors locked and windows rolled up to help avoid issue.

Police Chief Michael West stated that in August and September there were a number of reported vehicle burglaries in which change and miscellaneous items were stolen and that there was one attempted home break in. West says that currently the incidents are under investigation and that there are no suspects at this time.

Something important to note, West said, was that all of the vehicles broken into were unlocked. Furthermore there was no specific area targeted only cars that were unlocked and easily able to have unwarranted access gained.

West went on to state that there were six reported break ins in all during the August and September months. Some residents who declined to provide names on record believe that the number of break ins could even be higher than what has been reported.

Most importantly what can be taken away from the string of car burglaries in DePue is that locking your car and keeping your windows rolled up is very important. Door locks are the first line of defense against thieves and making sure your vehicle has a properly working door lock is a priority for drivers. If you are unsure how secure your vehicle is make sure to contact a local lock and security expert in your area. If located in Tucson contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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