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Man Rescued By Fire Department After Locking Keys In House and Climbing Down Chimney | C & S Loc

A Tucson man was rescued by Tucson firefighters after attempting to regain entry into his house through the chimney. Apparently the 26 year old locked his keys in his house and thought it best to climb down the chimney to get back in.

Unfortunately the man miscalculated the size of his chimney and his ability to act like Santa Claus because he was stuck in the shaft of the chimney desperately screaming for help for around four hours.

Luckily a neighbor eventually heard the man’s cries for help and alerted the local authorities to come to the scene. A Technical Rescue response team was dispatched for a confined space rescue and after hours of suffering the man was pulled up to safety, thankful to be alive.

The Tucson Fire Department posted pictures of the incident on Facebook saying “The subject, who was stuck in his chimney for up to four hours, stated that he locked his keys in the house and was attempting to go back inside.”

It is never a good idea to attempt access to your home through the chimney and this Tucson man is surely lucky to be alive. If you ever lock your keys in your house make sure to contact a trusted local locksmith to help regain access safely. If located in Tucson contact the licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths at C & S Lock & Security!

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