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Colorado Bear Locks Itself Inside Car | C & S Locksmith

Jefferson County Colorado deputies are still trying to figure out how a young bear had gotten itself stuck inside a car.

Apparently the bear has somehow entered the car and locked itself in. When officers responded to the call they noticed that the bear was inside, the doors were locked, but there were no broken windows and the door handles were not the kind that are easily lifted up on a hitch.

In an attempt to escape from the car the bear had destroyed much of the inside of the car. To release the bear from inside, deputies decided it best to open the hatchback on the vehicle as carefully as possible.

Upon opening the back door the bear swiftly jumped out and ran towards the woods, happy to be out of the vehicle. Judging by the size of the bear the deputies believe that a mother bear must have been close by awaiting the cub.

Upon inspecting the damage the owner of the car reported that the bear had ripped the ceiling off the car, tore the plastic sunroof cover, and chewed up the steering wheel. The owner had to have the car towed as driving it would have been impossible.

I bet this car owner will think twice before leaving his car unlocked in the woods. It is always important to keep your car locked and secure regardless of what area you are in. To ensure that your vehicles security and key and door locks are in proper working order make sure to contact a local lock and security expert. If located in Tucson contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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