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Home Webcam Catches Break In And Arrest | C & S Lock & Security

A makeshift home surveillance system in Fairhaven Massachusetts helped in the arrest of two thieves that broke into the house.

After the webcam was triggered by the noise of the door being kicked in video was sent to the homeowner’s phone.

Homeowner Damien Girard said “Normally it means the pets, or a change in lighting will trigger a zone other than the pets, I wasn't expecting to see someone standing in my living room”

After the webcam was triggered Girard was able to watch the break in in real time and called 911 almost immediately.

Shortly thereafter Girard was watching a live stream of officers entering his home through the back door in search of the assailants. There is even surveillance footage and audio of one of the officers yelling to the an assailant to “Get on the floor now!”.

After the officers arrested one of the criminals upstairs the second assailant attempted escape by jumping out of the second floor window!

However the police were able to track down and arrest the second assailant on the street below with minimal delay.

Both persons involved in the break in were charged with breaking and entering among other charges and are awaiting trial.

Girard is happy that police were able to respond so quickly and that his home security system did its job.

If you are concerned about the level of security and access control at your own home make sure to contact a home security expert in your area. If located in Tucson contact the home security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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