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Car Stolen After Coat Check Con | C & S Locksmiths

Car Stolen After Coat Check Con | C & S Locksmiths

A recent coat check con in a Brooklyn bar ended as a carjacking as the victim’s car keys were left in the coat.

A thief managed to drive off in the female victim’s car after pulling her coat from the coat check of the Wythe Avenue Bar in Brooklyn. The victim reported to police that she checked the coat, leaving her car keys in the coat pocket. The victim arrived at the bar on North 11th Street around 12:23 am and did not leave until closing around 4 am. Making it just late enough for there to be no eye witnesses to the carjacking. Additionally no one was alarmed considering the thief had her keys in hand.

When the victim went to retrieve her coat from the coat check at the end of the night she was told by an employee that her coat was given to a woman who claimed to have lost her coat check ticket stub. Additionally the employee claims that the thief perfectly described the stolen coat warranting her to release the coat and set of keys to what ended up being the wrong person.

After realizing that her coat had been stolen the victim then went outside to look for her car only to find out the disappointing news that her car had been stolen as well.

Brooklyn police have confirmed the accuracy of the statements and are currently on the lookout for the stolen car.

The lesson to be learned here is to never leave your car keys with the coat check! For security reasons one should keep their keys on their person at all times when out of the house is possible. For more information on automobile security and car key information make sure to contact a local locksmith. If located in the Tucson Arizona area contact the Lock and Security experts at C & S Lock & Security!


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