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Man Who Is Locked Out Of Car Gets Locked Up | C & S Locksmiths

Man Who Is Locked Out Of Car Gets Locked Up | C & S Locksmiths

Montgomery Township man Dritan Asani found himself locked out of his car on Monday and instead of calling a locksmith, Asani called the local police for aide. Without knowing any better Asani was setting himself up when he decided to call the police for help.

Montgomery Township police indeed did show up to aide Asani and indeed were successful at getting the car open just as a professional locksmith would. However once Asani’s car was opened the reporting officer Joe Sles learned that Asani had a $1,000 warrant out from Peterson County and a $500 one from Wall Township.

Officer Sles promptly handcuffed Asani and placed him under arrest and took him in. Now Asani is wishing he would have called any but the police for help as he basically set himself up.

Other neighboring residents in the town of Rahway claim that police refused aide when they asked for assistance with a car lockout. Many New Jersey residents are surprised that police would come to help a citizen during a car lock out situation. Some speculate that the police only responded to Asani because they were already aware of the outstanding warrants and went along with situation enable to detain Asani.

It is never fun to be locked out of your car, and adding insult in injury for Asani it is never fun to be arrested. Instead of calling the police for a lock out service it is recommended that one contact a professional locksmith for aide and assistance. If located in the Tucson Arizona area contact the lock out and locksmith experts at C & S Lock & Security!


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