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4 Tips For Safety During A Power Outage | C & S Lock & Security

Power outages can be a frustrating ordeal when you are not properly prepared, that is why here at C & S Lock & Security we have some tips to help you next time. Follow these steps we have outlined to better protect yourself and your family in a power outage. It can be very disorienting when a power outage happens, but these tips will help you feel more confident the next time it happens.

  1. Create a Plan – If you plan ahead for a power outage it will not be as bad when one strikes. Make sure each member of your family or team knows their role in a power outage so that you can expedite the process once a power outage occurs. If you have small children especially make sure they know what to do in case of a power outage. It is often a good idea to practice the plan before so that once it happens in real life it will be second nature.

  2. Check Your Surroundings – Once a power outage occurs it’s a good idea to take a step outside, and check just how many homes or properties were affected by the outage. If it’s for the entire neighborhood you may want to see if any of your neighbors need help. If you cannot discern the cause of the outage simply sit tight until the power comes on, or you find out an update about the power.

  3. Protect for Power Surge – It is important to protect your devices from a power surge once the power comes back on. One way to do this is simply unplug any devices that are very susceptible to power surges like computers or cell phones, that way if you have a power surge they will be protected.

  4. Remain Calm/ Stay Safe – Use extreme caution when doing anything in a power outage, you do not want to sustain an injury during a power outage. This includes getting sick, so remember food in refrigerators or freezers will often spoil so use caution when eating foods during a power outage. It’s a good idea to pack a safety bag of unperishable foods in case of an emergency.

Power outages can be a big hassle also for home, or business security systems. If you have any questions about your home or business locks, or security Contact C & S Lock & Security today! Let us protect your property from unwanted intruders. We also have a dedicated team of lock smiths to help with any lock smith services you might have in the greater Tucson area. Don’t wait until it’s too late contact C & S Lock & Security today!


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