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Hotel worker Locked In Safe During Armed Robbery | C & S Lock & Security

Recently the Padsdow Park Hotel in Sydney Australia was robbed after two masked assailants burst into the premises with a gun in hand. Police report that two unknown masked robbers entered the hotel around 12:30am and threatened the hotel staff with a gun.

The hotel worker who was threatened was then forced to open the safe and hand over the cash to the robbers. According to reports the worker was then assaulted and locked inside the safe while the thieves escaped.

The hotel worker who is believed to be the manager was treated on the scene by paramedics for a broken rib and possible internal injuries.

The robbery marks the second time in 11 months that the hotel has been robbed. The previous robbery involved two men armed with a machete and a tomahawk who terrorized patrons and hotel security.

Police are now investigating the most recent robbery and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Security at a hotel is very important as is security at one’s home. To ensure you and your family are safe make sure your home is outfitted with secure locking doors and that keys have only been distributed to family so that no unwanted persons can gain access to you or your belongings. For more information on the most secure door locks and other security options make sure to contact a local lock and security expert. If located in Tucson contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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