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Two Men Break Into House With Resident Inside | C & S Lock & Security

Two male suspects are still on the loose after breaking into a home while the female homeowner was still inside.

The Clark County Deputies of Hazel Dell Washington are currently investigating the burglary that took place early in the morning in a west Hazel Dell neighborhood. The deputies stated that two men forced entry into the home at around 5:45 am after pounding on the door and shouting and claiming that they were the “police”.

The resident was home alone at the time but remarkably she was not hurt. According to the resident she does not know who the men were who broke in. However their faces were caught on surveillance images and police are hopeful that someone will soon identify the assailants.

Sergeant Fred Neiman commented on the break in stating; “There’s no indication whether this was targeted or random, it’s really too early in the investigation to tell and hopefully detectives will be able to determine that at some point,”.

Apparently the thieves stole some electronics and banking information from the resident.

A neighbor commenting stating; “They took everything from her, her keys, her purse. Yeah, that’s really worrisome for us over here, too.”

In order to help prevent break-ins like these at your home it is important to have secure access control at your residence. To ensure the security at your home is up to par make sure to consult a lock and security expert in your area. If located in Tucson contact the lock and security experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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