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Man Locked Out Of House Ends Up Locked Up | C & S Locksmiths

An Altoona Pennsylvania man who locked himself out of his house wound up locked up in jail after a series of bad decisions led to emergency responders to realize he had a litany of unpaid court fines overdue.

Instead of calling for the aid of a locksmith when 35 year old Jeffrey Jones locked himself out of his home he decided to climb onto the roof of his house in an attempt to gain access through a window. However Jones ended up getting himself stuck and was forced to call 911 for help.

Altoona police responded to Jones plea for help and discovered that he had a warrant out by the Blair County sheriff’s office for failing to pay court costs and fines totaling about $750.

As a result of Jones series of mishaps he found himself being carted off to jail where he will remain until the courts can decide what to do.

Besides wishing he didn’t break the law I would bet Jones wishes he would have called a professional locksmith instead of finding himself stuck in a rooftop window, and then finding himself in jail.

If you find yourself locked out of your home make sure to contact a licensed professional locksmith to get you back into your home. If located in Tucson Arizona contact the lock out experts at C & S Lock & Security!

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